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RAD! April 10, 2007

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Courtesy of Uncle John


Trekking at Jalan Lam Sam (Sunday 8th April) April 6, 2007

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For those into trekking, i highly recommend that you join this group of enthusiast. Jungle bashing, river crossing, they have it all. Hmm.. i wonder will there be repelling in time to come. Anyway, we attended a couple of trips and totally loved it. No hard or fast rules, just have fun and get prepared to experience the remaining nature in Singapore.

Recommended stuff to bring along:

1) 1 Litre of water for both human and dog

2) First Aid kit; A SOP item for any outdoor activity

3) Waterproof your items in your rucksack i.e cell phone; wallet; cigarettes etc.

4) Energy bars to keep you pumped up

5) Leash, Treats, Poo bags

6) Trekking shoes, slippers and spare clothing to change after a hearty trip

7) Parang / Jungle knife should you decide to lead the way

8) Compass should you fall back along the way

9) Flop hat for shade and to prevent cuts; Oh, you can use it to wipe your sweat too.

10) Camera for remembrance

11) Walking stick for ease of movement

Last thing to note: Apply repellent on your dogs

Dog Dash #59 December 3, 2006

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Our first Hash! And we thoroughly enjoyed the start to end. Kudos to Auntie S ! The 5km route planted out was just fantastic. Well balance between jungle trails, hilly terrains and metal tracks. (Jalan Kwok Min)

Not knowing how to operate the new Fuji FinePix F31 camera which was purchased earlier in the day, K had accidentally deleted all the pictures while toying the functions. Duh!… Thankfully, CK has some to share.

Some Hash ritual which i doubt K fully understood what it was really all about. Eh, neither did i. Nonetheless, i stood by and watched K slurped down beer from a dog bowl. Haha!

Looking forward to the next K9 Hash House Harriers!

Hari Raya Hash October 25, 2006

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The weather was fantastic, and the PSI reading was at a low of 36. In preparation for the coming Bull Run, we started of with a jog round the cemetery. Poor K, he was complaining at the background of the 4kg Aquabowl, he had to carry. Overheard him sharing with Auntie S on how he should make me carry it in the future. Bah!!!…. Its him that needs the extra training load and not me… 🙂

After the long walk, we were all in for a treat. It was nice of Auntie E to have baked yummy muffins for the doggies, while the humans had their coconut juice and watermelon prepared by Uncle R.

PPians in action

Break time

Hooah!!! What a way to hydrate myself..